Saturday, April 13, 2024
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Pokémon Go maker Niantic donates $10 million to Black Lives Matter

Pokémon Go maker Niantic has recently doubled its $5 million donation to Black Lives Matter charities and organizations to $10 million.

Thanks to Eurogamer, we know that Niantic had previously stated that they would be giving away all the proceeds made from their recent Pokemon GO Fest event. The donations would be given to US-based initiatives, charities and organizations that are helping the Black community rebuild, as well as Black developers in the gaming industry.

Pokemon Go Fest events have always been popular, but considering that the majority of the world hasn’t been outside for so long, we had a feeling that players would be itching to get back into things. With millions of people taking place this year, it seems as though we were right.

If you want to help support Black Lives Matter yourself, consider donating to charities, such as the National Black Disability Coalition or The Okra Project.

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