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Final Fantasy XIV free trial extended to Heavensward, more options, level cap increased to 60

Final Fantasy fans, rejoice! If, like me, you’ve been unsure whether to dedicate yourself to an MMO like XIV, then this news may just be the thing that pushes you over. Final Fantasy XIV free trial is now extended to Heavensward, the very first expansion pack from FFXIV.

The announcement comes from the official Twitter page, which states that the free trial – which originally only let players get up to level 35 – has been expanded. You’ll now be able to play up to level 60, and with all that content from the expansion pack? Oh, it’s what dreams are made of!

It isn’t just the level cap that is being expanded either. Free trial members will also be able to play the Au Ra race now too, and have optional jobs of Dark Knight, Astrologian and Machinist at their disposal, as well.

This is fantastic for players who are unsure whether they can commit to playing this game enough that monthly payments will be worth it. Depending on how long you take to play, you’ve got at least 100 hours to find that answer out!

Will you be downloading the trial version of Final Fantasy XIV? Let us know in the comments below!

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