Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Gayme of the Week: Nefarious

Sometimes being bad is just so good, that you have to make an entire game about it – that’s where Nefarious comes in.

Nefarious is a game that you wouldn’t think would be considered Gayme of the Week. On the surface, it looks like your average 2D platformer where you have three lives, kick enemy butt and look good doing it. But that’s not exactly true. Nefarious lets players play as Crow, who isn’t a hero at all, but a villain. So you’re playing as the antagonist. Who is also the protagonist. Neat!

But what makes this a Gayme? That’s simple. Throughout your adventure of kidnapping princesses and trying to achieve world domination, Crow ends up befriending some of these princesses, particularly Princess Mayapple. Mayapple recently got broken up with by her hero boyfriend Mack, so she’s very much ‘down to clown’ with the villains throughout Nefarious.

Because of Mayapple being so friendly with villains like Crow, she ends up in the sights of super hottie villainess, Malice. How? Well, halfway through your adventure, you go on a dating show: Would You Date A Supervillain? It’s here that we learn that Mayapple has a thing for the ladies, especially if that lady is an evil sorceress. While they don’t go on a date in the game, in the game’s webcomics it is confirmed that both Mayapple and Malice are ‘going steady’ with one another after their interactions in Nefarious.

If that isn’t your style, then try Crow. Crow does have a love interest in Becky, but his connection with rival Mack has had a few fans wondering about what the deal is with that.

If you’re after a gayme to play that’s also got a great story and cast of characters, maybe give Nefarious a try.