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Our favourite games from the Wholesome Direct

Now more than ever, we need games that touch us in ways that are both experimental, daring, but fun. Thankfully, a lot of developers and publishers seem keen to do just that. In fact, we got a whole selection of fun, wholesome games thanks to yesterday’s Wholesome Direct.

Wholesome Direct isn’t just about cutesy games however, it’s about games that make us think and get in touch with our emotions. Considering I was nearly crying at every single teaser, I’d say that they are doing an incredible job at doing just that.

But there were some games that were our overall favourites, whether it be because of their art style, or a particularly cool concept. Here’s our picks of our absolute favourite games from yesterday’s Wholesome Direct.

Calico – October 2020

games Wholesome Direct

Imagine combining two very important things: cats and magical girls. That’s basically the concept of Calico! In this game, you’re put in charge of rebuilding a cat cafe and making it the best cafe around. It also helps that the cats are mostly the size of large horses.

Spiritfarer – 2020

games Wholesome Direct

A game about dying may not be a game you’d consider ‘wholesome’, but Spiritfarer is much more than that. In this management game, it’s your job as ferry-master to guide departed souls to the afterlife, giving them the smooth journey they deserve.

TOEM – 2021

Something We Made’s TOEM is a lesson in how photography really is the best thing about video games. In this adventure game, you’ll travel through a world that is Scandinavian-inspired, take pictures and experience an aesthetic, but wholesome journey.

Little Witch in the Woods – 2021

There are so many cute games, but none beat Little Witch in the Woods. In this game, you play as a witch’s apprentice named Ellie, whose job is to tend the wood, make magical potions and care for the little critters you come across.

Book of Travels – October 2020

Have you ever wanted to be in an online world where it isn’t just a ton of performative side quests? Well, now you can with Book of Travels, a socially-driven game where relaxation and overcoming perilous obstacles is the most important thing.

Later Daters – Out now!

games Wholesome Direct

In this LGBT+ friendly game, you play as an oldie who isn’t afraid to get down and dirty. You end up retiring to your new home, meeting new people and perhaps even finding love? You know what they say, if the chairs are rockin’, don’t come a-knockin!

To the Rescue! – 2021

During these troubling times, we’ve all thought about getting a furry friend added to our home to keep us company. In To the Rescue, you play as someone who works in a dog shelter, and it’s your job to make sure your furry loves go to the right person.

A Space for the Unbound – 2021

Based in the 1990s, two Indonesian high school sweethearts must come together in order to investigate the supernatural forces that plague their town.

These were just a few of the games that were selected for the Wholesome Direct — let’s hope we can cover some of these games during our upcoming digital event: DIGIPRIDE! To check out the full direct, watch below and leave down in the comments which game you liked the most and why.

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