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R.I.P Final Fantasy 10 Tidus’ Face, I’ll Never Forget Ye

After having a blast with the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, I’ve found myself going back to my favourite Final Fantasy, the one that got me into the games in the first place: Final Fantasy 10. Unfortunately, my PS2 is out of commission and my best mate did get me the FFX/X-2 HD Remaster a few years back, so off I go, back into the world of Spira!

Everything seems fine for the most part. That iconic opening scene, the group sat together just outside the ruins of Zanarkand, their weapons sunk into the ground… I won’t lie, a few tears did shed. There’s something ethereal about that scene, something that makes it stick out and pulls at my heartstrings.

Tidus eventually gets up from the group and it’s here that the HD Remaster reveals something truly awful: his new (and improved?) face.

Final Fantasy 10

Good lord. I thought Yuna’s face had been somewhat butchered to make her appear permanently perplexed by everything, but I was not quite expecting Tidus’ to look like this. As someone who had a weird, ‘not sure if I want to be him or be Yuna’ crush, the reveal of Tidus’ new face left me feeling weird.

I want to say that I mean no disrespect to the HD Remaster, outside of most of the characters looking super bloody weird — even Rikku, another favourite character of mine — it’s still a game that successfully pulls at my heart strings with ease and I’m loving every moment of it.

But YE GOD, what is wrong with Tidus? I’m spending all of my waking moments with this fella, and while I thankfully don’t have to see his face when I’m just fighting or exploring, in-game cutscenes hurt my soul. I just can’t get over it. What did they do to my boy? Is he ever going to get his handsome face back? Good lord, I hope his face in FFX-2 is okay.

Weirdly enough, I’ve been informed by a very good source – aka the very talented Kenneth Shepard, that Yuna and co’s faces aren’t all that bad in the sequel. Thank goodness. It’s the only thing getting me through staring at this weird Tidus’ face for the next 50 hours of game time.

I’m sorry Tidus, it’s not me, it’s you.

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