Wednesday, November 29, 2023

The Tom and Isabelle Dancing Twitter is the only thing that matters right now

In these trying times, you’ve got to take pleasure in the little things that life gives you. For some of us it’s that new hobby in bread making, while some of us are actively learning how to stream in order to get social contact. For me however, it’s playing Animal Crossing the Tom and Isabelle Dancing Twitter that’s been getting me excited for the past week.

The Twitter account appeared only recently this April, and since then has been making us laugh, smile and happy with some new and old, nostalgic tunes to see our favourite Tanuki landlord Tom Nook get down and jiggy with it with loyal Isabelle. No matter the tune, the Tom and Isabelle Dancing account will find some way to make the two dance to it.

The account is a collaboration between Twitter users Blu_Canvas and DanielTG85, and while it only has 53 tweets so far, over 36,000 people are following and enjoying their content. But who can blame them, when they’ve got artists like A-Ha? You’ll even find some video game soundtracks on their Twitter too. Personally I’m still waiting for a 30 second video of Tom and Isabelle jamming to the Dragon Age 2 OST, but that might be just me.

If you want to start your day right, go give the Tom and Isabelle Dancing account some love!