Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Space Otter Charlie is here to save planet Earth

He’s not the type of otter we’re accustomed too, but he’s still pretty damned cute!

Developer Wayward Distractions and publisher Quantum Astrophysicists Guild recently unveiled the early preview trailer for Space Otter Charlie, a new puzzle platforming adventure starring an adorable little critter. You can find the trailer at the bottom of this post.

The official website for Space Otter Charlie dives into the game’s backstory with: “Hundreds of years into the future, humanity has left the Earth in search of cooler, more habitable planets. Great for them, not so great for the creatures they left behind. Confronted with a warming planet, the otters decide it’s time to take things into their own hands… er… paws. Space Mission Charlie is a daring attempt to explore otter space in search of a new home. Charlie, Ada and Jesse encounter abandoned spaceships, haunted space stations, and all manner of weird and dangerous obstacles as they push further into the unknown.”

According to the Steam Wishlist page, game-play features will include local multiplayer functionality, re-imagined jump mechanics, collect-able parts and equipment upgrades, randomized facts about sea otters and mini puzzles to satisfy your learning curve.

Space Otter Charlie currently has an unspecified release date set for 2020.