Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Moving Out is now available to play on Xbox One, PS4 and Switch

Described by some players as a combination between Overcooked and Fall Guys, Moving Out is a game from SMG Studio where players have stepped into a new job opportunity as a ‘Furniture Arrangement & Relocation Technician.’ Also known commonly in my house as ‘the nice folks who move stuff for us.’ Not a glamorous title, but they sure do work hard!

As you may have suspected however, moving furniture around isn’t as easy as it sounds. In this fun, interactive game, physics may just be your worst enemy, or at times, your best friend. Is there a door in your way? Or a huge wall? It’s no trouble for a dedicated mover like you — just smash your way through! On a speeding truck? It’s fine, you’ll probably jump high enough to be okay. Probably.

You won’t be just moving furniture from home to home, either. There’s a ton of adventure to be had in Moving Out! From the highest mountains to evergreen forests, you’re going to see some marvelous sights while playing this game.

What’s even more exciting is that you don’t have to play alone. Team up with up to 4 friends in couch co-op and become a certified team that’ll have others just itching to get onto your Moving Out team.

Moving Out is out now, and is currently available on the Xbox One, PS4 and the Nintendo Switch. Check out SMG Studio’s official Twitter for more information.

Aimee Hart

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