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Games you should watch out for: Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout

Here at Gayming Magazine we believe that there are a number of games that don’t get the attention they deserve. And so we’ve decided that it’s our civic duty to point them out to our community. One such game is called Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout.

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout is a battle royale game that stands out from its genre. Developed by Mediatonic and set to be published by Devolver Digital sometime next year, Fall Guys is a game where over 90 contests are flung together to compete in a race to get to the end of the arena and be crowned champion.

So, as you may expect from that description, there isn’t going to be any guns or abilities that’ll mean you’ll chop your enemy into pieces. No, just good, old-fashioned slapdash fun.

Takeshi’s castle but in slapstick form!

Despite being a battle royale, Fall Guys has more of a Mario Party feel to it in the sense that you never know what you’re going to get when you first start playing. Being kept on your toes is, of course, always a good thing in gaming.

But what does Fall Guys have to offer the player? When it was shown during E3 this year, it was shown that a mad dash to freedom was the main part of the game. However, there were also other ways you could have fun — such as grabbing your enemies tail and rushing off with it, as well as jumping head-first at doors to see if they’d open up.

Only to bounce right back again because rag-doll physics, am I right?

Why you should be interested in this game however isn’t just because of how bright and cute it looks, but because it offers an alternative to battle royale games that isn’t just mindless killing. Instead, you can push your friends into obstacles, and laugh gleefully as their rag-doll body falls to the ground.

That’s the kind of beauty we strive to see in our video games, wouldn’t you agree?

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout will release sometime next year on the PS4 and PC, via Steam.

Check back to see more games that you should consider watching out for in the upcoming year.

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