Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Feed your Neopets, you monsters!

Do you remember Neopets? Even if you forgot that the online giant exists, just the mere mention of the game is sure to bring back memories of childhood wonder. Well, let me shatter the moment for you by saying your Neopets are still alive – and you haven’t given them attention and nourishment in years, you monsters!

Unlike most virtual games, Neopets is still active and constantly updating to accommodate old and new fans alike. Although it has fallen from grace since its peak in 2005, the website now developed and published by JumpStart Games still averages about 2,500,000 global players a month. With this new development, that number could see a slight bump.

Originally reported by Kotaku, our Neopets are still alive even if you haven’t played the game in nearly a decade. If you want to log on and see how things have changed, well, that’s where the problem exists for us gaymers. Most of our accounts are linked to an inactive email address – like AOL, Yahoo or Hotmail – or the username we used has slipped from our memory bank during the passage of time.

Luckily, Kotaku has the steps needed to revive your account. These steps include checking the Neopets website to find your username, emailing the company at and posting your ticket number on Facebook if you fail to receive a response from a person.

So, get to it! Your pets are waiting for you.

In other news, Neopets is currently being adapted into a Netflix animated series and a mobile game for Android and iOS. A release date for both projects are pending.

Michael Therkelsen

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