Saturday, March 2, 2024

Become a Patron of Gayming Magazine for some seriously good benefits

Gayming Magazine is about to get a whole lot bigger! Become a Patron of Gayming Magazine and take your love of gayming to a whole new level! We’re talking exclusive content, big prizes, and a peak behind-the-scenes of your favourite gaming magazine! 

Since its launch back in June 2019, Gayming Magazine has rapidly expanded to be read and enjoyed by over 30,000 readers per month. We are so honoured to be welcoming you all and helping you celebrate your love of gaming. 

Now, it’s time to go to the next level, but don’t worry, nothing about Gayming Magazine and The Gayming Podcast will change. You can still carry on enjoying our work for free and it will always stay that way. What this Patreon offers is a way of getting extra content, on top of what we are already doing. So if you enjoy what we do and want to toss us some coin, then have we got some juicy stuff just for you! 

Patron Tiers

We have three tiers of patronage available…

Beginner Patron
  • Patron-only channel on the Gayming Discord
  • Early access to ad free episodes – enjoy all podcast episodes of The Gayming Podcast without ad breaks and 24 hours before everyone else!
  • New Patrons are named and thanked at the start of each podcast episode 
Pro Patron
  • Exclusive competitions – monthly giveaways just for our fabulous Pro Patrons 
  • Special fortnightly Gayming Gossip podcast hosted by the Gayming Editorial team. This new Patreon-only podcast will dive deeper into gamer gossip, news and behind the scenes chat
  • And everything in the previous tier
Hardcore Patron
  • Official Patron merch 
  • Early access to future Gayming ticketed events in UK and USA
  • Invites to Hardcore Patron ask-us-anything hangouts with the Gayming Editorial staff, come have your input on the running of your favourite magazine! 
  • And everything in the previous tiers


The headline benefits are mapped out in the patron tiers above and they include early access to special advertising-free episodes of the Gayming Podcast, exclusive patron-only competitions and early access to future ticketed Gayming events that are coming up later in the year.

Already we have our first exclusive patron only competition launched! We’re giving away three 3-month Xbox Ultimate Game Passes, available exclusively to our Pro and Hardcore Patrons.

We’ve also started planning our first line of merch for our Hardcore Patrons and are asking their views, so you can come and have your say! Plus, our first Hardcore Patron Ask Us Anything is being schedule for April soon. This is your chance to help shape your favourite magazine!

Lastly, our awesome new Gaymer Gossip podcast will be launching its first episode in two weeks time. This Pro and Hardcore Patron only podcast will be a more intimate podcast featuring gaming chat and a peek behind the curtains of Gayming Magazine including sneak previews of exciting things coming up!


From day one, Gayming Magazine has been focussed on bringing the global gaymer community together and helping lift up our community. We have achieved so much in so little time and we are ready to level up.

While we want to deliver this content to you and keep celebrating all that is awesome about LGBTQ gaming, there is no denying that the current COVID-19 crisis is having an impact on the creative sector. A lot of our contributors are freelance and have been hit hard by this sudden pandemic. We need to keep supporting them and ourselves to keep Gayming Magazine and our podcasts going as a beacon of hope and entertainment in these darker times. As such, we are asking for your support. By becoming a patron you’re supporting us to keep entertaining and informing the wider LGBTQ video game community.

Thank you and we’re so excited to get started on this awesome new chapter in Gayming Magazine’s history!

Show us some love, become a patron of Gayming Magazine, and enjoy a huge range of awesome patron-only benefits! Click here to sign up!

Robin Gray

[He/Him] Robin is the Founder of Gayming Magazine. He's on a mission to fly the LGBTQ flag proudly over the video games world and drive forward authentic representation in the industry, in the press and in the games we love.