Thursday, April 18, 2024

Merch of the Week: Animal Crossing Isabelle Shirt

With Animal Crossing on everyone’s mind, it feels like the perfect time to shop for some merchandise to show off your excitement and pride for a game that nearly everyone loves to spend their time with. And there’s no way more wholesome than to do it with this Animal Crossing Isabelle shirt. She’s the beloved Shih Tzu mascot of the series, and is a fan-favourite.

It’s a soft shirt with lovely pastel colors that compliment both each other and Isabelle — who’s front and center with a notebook and pen, ready to get to work. In New Leaf, she was your assistant as Mayor. In New Horizons, she’ll still be around, but she’s taking a slightly less involved role and won’t appear on your island immediately once you start. It’s understandable; she’s probably busy destroying everyone in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate or modeling for cute Animal Crossing merchandise, like this shirt. Instead Tom Nook will be taking over most of the heavy lifting, and before you say anything, Mr. Nook is not a crook!

Grab your own Animal Crossing Isabelle shirt over at the official Hot Topic website, and use Hot Topic’s HT20 code to get a 20% discount for this online exclusive. Hey, maybe you can even make this shirt yourself using the game’s custom editor. Matching shirts are cute.