Thursday, April 18, 2024
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The Nintendo Switch Blockbuster Sale starts tomorrow

Nothing quite makes us happier than games being cheap and ripe for the picking. So the Nintendo Switch Blockbuster sale is exactly what we’ve been looking for!

The Nintendo eShop has had plenty of sales in the past, but none quite like this one. In the Nintendo Switch Blockbuster sale, games that you were certain would never have more than 5% knocked off their price have, in fact, had their prices slashed quite a bit.

As implied on the Nintendo of Europe’s Twitter account, it looks like Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Super Mario Maker 2 will be a part of the sale and will have 33% knocked off. That’s a bargain, and for those who are wanting to grab Fire Emblem to play Cindered Shadows, the new Fire Emblem expansion DLC, the sale couldn’t come at a better time.

Nintendo Switch Blockbuster sale

As the name suggests, we’re most likely to see bigger games like Breath of the Wild and Splatoon 2 to take a knock to their original price.

The tweet promoting the sale also specifically talks about including critically acclaimed games. The only problem with that is, as Eurogamer points out, that could be applied to the majority of their games. So, if you’re interested in any of those big named games, maybe you should take a loan out. There’s going to be plenty of them to purchase!

The sale will start tomorrow at 2pm, GMT. Do you think you’ll be purchasing any games from the sale, or will you wait until next time?

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