Wednesday, May 22, 2024

That’s Underrated: Your Character and Grayson from PlayChoices Hero

I’m not usually the sort of person that gets too attached to pairings where you play as ‘yourself’, but PlayChoices Hero is probably going to be the exception for this series. And I promise it’s not because everyone in this game is hot. Promise.

PlayChoices Hero is a visual novel, make-your-own-choice game that you can play on iOS and Android. It’s part of a larger game, which is just called PlayChoices, where you can select a ton of different books for you to start and make your own journey in.

So, what makes PlayChoices Hero stand out? The possibility to pick your gender and skin color, to have it actually matter, and the ability to kiss boys and girls no matter what. There are other games part of the PlayChoices, but none feels as inclusive as Hero.

No matter who you play, you’ll get the option of having three love interests. One is Grayson, the best boy and the one I’m focusing on for this column, who is your boss and overall golden boy, the second is Kenji, a boy who is literally made of gold, and Eva, who could crush my neck and I’d thank her.

Grayson is excellent, and truly cares deeply for your character. It’s often implied that they have feelings for your character regardless, but Grayson is sadly the only character who doesn’t know you’re a superhero. Oh, the angst!

You are able to hook up with Kenji and Eva too, if you fancy having more than just one slice of dishy goodness. The only real downside is that we still don’t know when Hero will be getting the sequel it deserves. It sucks, especially when all you want to do is make out with your boss. Jeez, PlayChoices, throw us a bone — or two — will you?

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