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LGBT Cosplayer of the Week: Amy Napkins

We’ve had a fair share of cosplayers for the LGBT Cosplayer of the Week column, all coming from a range of different backgrounds. This week, our cosplayer is Amy Napkins from Los Angeles, CA.

One thing we’ve noticed during the writing of this column, and thus meeting and speaking with so many LGBT cosplayers, is how similar the beginning is of their cosplaying journey. That’s not a criticism to these cosplayers either.

And what is that beginning? Well, like Michael Myers, it all started for Napkins during the event of Halloween. Halloween, as we all know, is a time where dressing up is seen as the done thing.

Napkins was also a theatre kid growing up, and as they tell us, “transitioning into cosplay was easy since I loved dressing up so much already.” As for their first cosplay? It started with Supergirl back in 2017 and since then, Napkins has just kept going.

Cosplay is such a freeing way for people to express themselves. It’s helped people come to terms with their sexuality, gender and sometimes something as simple as what they want their hair colour to be. It’s such a powerful tool.

However, is the cosplaying community entirely accepting of everyone else? We approached Napkins with this question.

“I feel as though, in general, people are pretty open and accepting, if perhaps not always willing to understand myself being nonbinary but cosplaying many feminine/sometimes sexy characters. However I feel like the community, in general, is full of many people exploring their own genders through costumes and meeting others like them!”

“For me, it gives me the chance to express myself and portray characters I relate to in different ways! It’s been a big relief to have so many cool people and get to get excited about fandoms with them that represent us as unique individuals.”

If you want to see more of Napkins work, head on over to their Twitter. It’s a goldmine of awesome cosplays!

Header source: Twitter

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