Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Dead by Daylight Chapter 15: Chains of Hate is revealed

Dead by Daylight Chapter 15 was teased only recently, but thankfully Behavior Interactive hasn’t made their players wait long before revealing just what new things they’ll be adding to the game. A new killer, a new survivor and a new map – all available to play on the game’s PC PTB.

Behavior Interactive released Dead by Daylight just under four years ago, back in 2016. This asymmetrical horror game has since gone through many changes, adding new maps, additional killers and survivors and even new end game material to keep it exciting.

The developers have worked tirelessly to add new content, and this time it’s a killer cowboy with a spear-gun, an investigator who has travelled the world to fight for justice and a map that belongs in every Western. Yes, it even comes with a saloon. Fun!

Dead by Daylight’s new killer is called The Deathslinger, an Irish engineer turned criminal who was kicked around and bullied by all due to his nationality. It led him to turning to crime and murder, which obviously attracted the Entity – the thing keeping both survivors and killers within this universe – to bring him to its realm.

As for the survivor, Zarina Kassir, she’s been fighting for justice ever since her father died. It led her to the cell of Mad Nick, a cowboy that was rumored to have gone mad. As she ventured into the cell, however, she was claimed by the Entity.

The addition of a brand new map is also pretty exciting. After all, who doesn’t want to run for their life from a mad cowboy in a saloon? Well, not including sensible people, of course.

Dead by Daylight Chapter 15 is now available on the PTB (public test beta), but is only available for PC. Sorry console gaymers!

Aimee Hart

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