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Animal Crossing Direct: Here’s what was revealed

Animal Crossing is so very close to finally being ours, that even if the Nintendo Animal Crossing Direct ended up being about nothing but Tom Nook’s love life, we’d be all over it. Thankfully, nothing was implied about Tom Nook or his love life, so we’re safe either way.

The Direct featured a ton of information, thankfully broken down into three different segments. With so much new info to take in, we’ve decided to put this all in bullet points, and expand as needed.

In the first segment, we found out about the choice of picking which island, as well as which hemisphere, you’d like to make your home when the game finally arrives on March 20th. That means if it’s winter for you, it’s summer for someone else!

Animal Crossing Direct

Other pieces of information that was shown in this Animal Crossing Direct were:

  • Residential services – Here you’ll be given helpful advice, as well as the option to purchase and sell goods. The service can be expanded later on.
  • DIY workshop – craft items you learn yourself. You can change colors, and even decorate with your own custom designs
  • Help others – Not only can you pick out your own tent to live, but can do so for other residents too. Isn’t that nice?
  • The airport – you can have up to 8 people on your island, whether that be through co-op or multiplayer. You can also go visit your friends too and if that wasn’t good enough, how about use the airport to send letters to residents on your island? What a great service!
  • The option to build your own house – staying in a tent is fine and all, but nothing beats being able to build your own home! You can even customize it to your own liking, and we don’t mean just the inside.
  • The Nook Mileage Program – you can show off your achievements – such as collecting bugs and fish – to get ‘miles’. These are used to pay off your debts and can even help you earn rewards.
  • Island Tours – The airport isn’t just for sending mail and inviting people over. You can also use it to go on island tours, where finding new residents, creatures and materials can make life back home seem boring in comparison!

Players will also have access to The Nookphone. With this device, you’ll be equipped with a number of different apps that can help you get around with ease using the map, or even use it to scan QR codes from previous Animal Crossing games to copy over your previous designs.

In Part 2 of the Animal Crossing Direct, players learned just how much control they have over their island.

Not only will you be able to secure land now, so no residents will be able to just settle in a place you may have been saving, but you’ll also be able to construct your island the way you want to. Want more cliffs? Create them! Need a bridge to get past a huge lake and into town? Don’t let your dreams be dreams, just go on ahead and make the bridge yourself.

There will also be a number of new facilities for you to have fun in. Such as a shop where you can purchase things you can’t craft, a campground, a tailor and even a museum. All great places to make your time on your deserted island feel special.

What’s more, there’s always something to do. With free updates, Animal Crossing will have a variety of events, seasonal or otherwise. This means bug-offs, the catching of bugs, and fishing tourneys will keep you busy if you choose to participate in them.

The last segment of this Animal Crossing Direct was a FAQ, which answered some of the more popular questions players have about the same. To put it simply, they confirmed that the game will support amiibo figures and cards, some tools are only available to be used on a best friend’s island and cloud saves are not supported.

To find out more, check out the direct for yourself.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons comes to the Nintendo Switch on March 20th.

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