Friday, March 1, 2024

The Witcher movie may be a thing after all

Netflix’s The Witcher has done incredibly well since the moment it launched. Not only has it inspired a new community of fans, dedicated to the TV show, but it’s encouraged these new fans to play The Witcher video games, as well as read the books.

There’s also the fact that Season 2 is already underway. We guess you could say that we have a lot of Witcher content on our hands already, and even more to come. And not just with season 2 either…

Thanks to LadBible and a Witcher fansite called Redanian Intelligence, we now know that there are rumours of an animated tie-in movie project that could be released before Netflix’s The Witcher season 2. The timing would make sense, especially with the long wait until 2021.

The Witcher movie

According to The Guild of America website, the animated movie will be called The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf, with the screenplay being written by Beau DeMayo. DeMayo is the writer behind Episode 3 of The Witcher, commonly known as the episode where Geralt and a Striga kick the everloving crap out of one another.

Jokes aside, it’s a great episode that combines some of the best parts about the Netflix series: morally gray characters, Henry Cavill saying ‘fuck’ and Yennefer.

With the popularity of Netflix’s The Witcher, we wouldn’t be surprised to hear that this new movie coming out this year. But until a date can be confirmed, at this point it is just pure speculation.

Would you be down for a Witcher movie? Or are you just impatiently waiting for The Witcher season 2 like the rest of us?

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