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The Witcher player count reaches new heights after Netflix adaptation

Let’s be real with one another, The Witcher player count has always been high. But thanks to The Witcher’s Netflix adaptation that was released on December 20th last year, the Witcher 3’s player count has reached new heights.

According to Play Tracker, The Witcher 3 has hit “48K concurrent players on Steam, a high it has not seen since 2016.”

It’s no surprise really, The Witcher has introduced a whole sleuth of other players to the Continent, showing off monsters, sorceresses, and a really catchy song that we’re 100% sure has probably already been added to the game through a mod.

But, as Play Tracker also states, it isn’t just PC versions of the games that are doing well. There has been an “slight uptick in popularity on XBOX and PlayStation. Notably, this uptick was mostly on the original versions of the game rather than the GOTY and Complete versions that released later.” It’s all pretty impressive, especially since the game released back in 2015, with the last DLC Blood and Wine releasing in the summer of 2016.

With all this in mind, we’re curious on whether this will give Netflix a big enough reason to give fans of the TV show a season 3 after the second season. After all, it seems that after Game of Thrones, fans are looking for a fantasy series to fill in their quota of hot people, scary creatures and political intrigue.

Until we get confirmation, we can only hope that Netflix is on our side with this one. But with the reception the Witcher has received, as well as how well it’s doing now? We’re optimistic about the future.

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