Friday, March 1, 2024

Someone modded the Majora’s Mask Moon into Pokemon Sword and Shield

The Majora’s Mask Moon has had its fair share of appearances in video games outside of the Zelda series, which as you may have guessed, is mostly due to the abundance of folks who keep modding this poor moon into every video game they can get their hands on.

From Skyrim to Garry’s Mod, the Majora’s Mask Moon is a popular mod for no real reason apart from it looks incredibly disturbing. It’s mostly used as an aesthetic sort of mod, rather than anything players can actually interact with.

Now, however, YouTube user ProVictini has modded Pokemon Sword and Shield to include the Moon in his team. Instead of the Moon only being somewhere in the background, ProVictini has made it that you can interact with the Moon through battles, as well as through the more social means of Pokemon Sword and Shield, such as through playing and cooking curry together.

Majora's Mask moon

But it isn’t just the Moon from Majora’s Mask that makes an appearance. As you can see above, Digimon characters, as well as Mario himself, has also been modded into the game. They can also be interacted with, thanks to ProVictini giving them the same ID as Ghastly and Raboot.

They can also be Dynamaxed too, which is particularly terrifying if you think about Mario being 10x bigger than his usual form. Or fantastic, depending on what you’re into. But whatever floats your boat.

Pokemon has always been a game where modders love to run wild. It was only recently that someone took up the mantle of modding every single Pokemon alive back into Pokemon Sword and Shield. Let’s just hope the Majora’s Mask Moon doesn’t get forgotten in the process!

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