Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Retailer GAME UK asks you to trade-in your unwanted socks to help fight homelessness

It’s time to re-home your unwanted socks, and weirdly enough, it’s the biggest video game retailer in the UK that wants them. GAME UK have just announced an initiative where your socks, worn or not, can actually be traded in for in-store credit.

This initiative is called the New Year Sock Swap. During the Christmas period, unwanted socks can get thrown to the back of the drawer and forgotten. Or worse: chucked in the bin. It’s an incredible waste, especially when we have people who are desperate to have the barest of essentials.

According to GAME, over 25% of Brits class socks as their least-desired Christmas present, with a combined 5 billion pounds a year wasted on unwanted presents. Well, the most requested item for the UK’s homeless shelters is, in fact, socks.


It isn’t just gaming socks that GAME UK is after either, so if you’re concerned that your socks may not be the right fit, then worry no more. As long as the socks are clean and suitable to be donated to the homeless, GAME UK will be rewarding your thoughtfulness with in-store credit.

GAME UK will be offering an extra £2 when you exchange games and an extra £15 when customers trade-in tablets, phones or consoles. Every pair of socks collected will then be donated to various homeless charities to help communities up and down the country.

To keep up to date, visit the GAME website, as well as keep an eye on the Twitter tag #GAMESOCKS.

Start 2020 right, gaymers. Donate a few socks and help make the lives of those homeless a little better!

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