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LGBT Cosplayer of the Week: Sean Sharp

Last week we had Efraim Queller as our LGBT cosplayer of the week. This time it’s Sean Sharp (who uses they/them pronouns), and it’s not hard to see why. Doesn’t the above cosplay just make you want to put a smile on your face?

Sharp is a make-up artist and started their journey into cosplay at a young age thanks to a little bit of help from their father.

“My dad had a basement workshop where we’d work on a number of projects, mostly furniture and home improvement projects, but then there was the occasional prop replica here and there, starting with the ghost busting equipment from Ghostbusters.” They told Gayming Magazine. “We built all those bits and pieces of equipment for a Halloween costume years ago, and that was my first real taste of cosplay, researching the costume, looking into construction methods and figuring out how to make a complete outfit.”

And once Sean got into cosplay there was no going back.

“It just kind of expanded from there with both of us branching out into different projects, and when Face Off first aired on TV, that’s when I knew I wanted to do costumes that were heavy on FX makeup specifically.”

Just taking a look at Sean’s Instagram is enough to tell us that. They’ve got more than a few pictures of pieces that are just downright incredible. Check out their Krampus cosplay below!

As for their favourite cosplay? Well, as Sean tells me, that’s a tricky one.

“It can be interpreted in multiple ways. As far as construction goes, the Hatbox Ghost is one of my favorites as I had to design that rig almost entirely from scratch. In terms of aesthetics, the Joker from The Dark Knight is my favorite, since I live in Chicago I was lucky enough to do a whole shoot in the exact spot where they flip the truck over in The Dark Knight.

My favorite cosplay as far as sentimental value goes would have to be Captain Jack Sparrow, since that one was always a crowd-pleaser for years and introduced me to some of my best friends.”

But what are Sean’s future cosplays?

“I have so many plans it’s hard for me to keep track. It’s easier for me to list which ones I plan on doing soon. So far I’m actively working on Milo Thatch from Atlantis: The Lost Empire and The Mandalorian, and for the future, I would absolutely love to someday complete Darth Vader.”

Thank you Sean for being our LGBT cosplayer of the week! Be sure to show your appreciation on their Instagram.

Are you a cosplayer or do you have someone you’d like to nominate for your LGBT cosplayer of the week? Hit us up on our social media or contact us through email!

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