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Gamers are being weird about TemTem and their use of pronouns

Mom, the gamers are being weird again. That’s how I’ve decided to start this article, because yes, a very vocal minority are feeling upset about TemTem, specifically TemTem’s inclusion of something that is very small and doesn’t take up less than 2 seconds of their time.

Yes, dear reader, we are talking about pronouns. TemTem, a new indie MMO where catching creatures and fighting other trainers takes up the bulk of the gameplay, is getting criticized by a vocal minority that are upset that TemTem has dared to be inclusive when it comes to their player base.

TemTem has been said to be a ‘rip-off’ of Pokemon, with some individuals stating that they will be supporting the indie MMO in an effort to demonize Game Freak after the whole Sword and Shield National Dex controversy that, sadly, still plagues the internet.

Source: TemTem

However, for this minority, ditching Pokemon for TemTem doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. Very shocking news indeed, but I’m sure Game Freak are happy to have such a trivial inclusion of pronouns drive these hardcore fans back to their side.

As for us here at Gayming Magazine, we believe that the inclusion of something as simple as pronouns is a step in the right direction for games where you can customize your own avatar. Choosing your body type alongside it is also important, as it allows players to pick and choose what suits them.

While some may argue that this is unnecessary in a game about catching creatures, it really is an incredibly small thing that doesn’t take up almost any of TemTem’s game. It’s just a combination of empathy and the knowledge that not everyone playing your game is going to be the same. It’s not rocket science, and to be quite honest, those offended at such a small part of the game don’t really deserve to play TemTem in the first place.

Empathy reader, it’s a good thing.

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Aimee Hart

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2 thoughts on “Gamers are being weird about TemTem and their use of pronouns

  • Why do you not quote or link to any evidence of this criticism? And your only Twitter link leads to a Pro-gender-neutral tweet?

  • I find the idea of people being upset about having a customisation option completely ridiculous.

    The very idea of people not feeling as though they are being properly represented if they are straight and cis gendered is completely false as you can customise your character to be exactly this and anything else is just an option to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and happily represented.

    I wrote an article about this exact feature that will be published on my site tomorrow talking about how it’s nice to see games being more inclusive and I certainly hope this is a sign of more things to come in the future of the industry.

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