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Who could forget the many talents of BloodRayne?

Assassin. Spy. Investigator. Combat, weapons, martial arts and explosives expert. Member of the Brimstone Society and one bad-ass dhampir; a half-vampire half-human hybrid. Rayne is the spawn of one a vampire overlord, but chooses to use her abilities to hunt Nazis and slaughter her siblings that hope to overthrow the balance between humans and creatures of the night. Her story arrived on XBox, PlayStation and GameCube in 2002 and 2004 and remains one of my favorite two-part series to this day. I have an affinity for strong, supernatural female characters, and Rayne is truly the embodiment of all that.

Not to mention – her thirst for blood and sexuality is truly unmatched. If you’ve ever played the BloodRayne video games, then you know they’re famous for two things – blood-splatters every thirty seconds and a sexy mood that never falters. Armed with signature wrist-blade attachments, Rayne hacks and slashes her way through any opponent that steps in her way. Rayne is truly one of the most dirty and brutal femme fatales that has ever stepped foot in a video game, and I’m so sad her saga ended when developer Majesco Entertainment went out of business in December 2013. There was more story to find here, more depth to her character and glimpses into her soul. She had numerous chaos inducing panics to start and havoc to wreak across the globe.

And, if I can be shallow for a minute, she was quite easy on the eyes. Almost always clad in black and red leather that left little to the imagination, Rayne’s second biggest asset – outside of her combat abilities – was that she had curves in all the right places and quite a heavy chest. She was able to seduce any opponent, male or female, and this is perhaps what made her such a good spy. She could infiltrate any organization with a wink or flip of her hair, and slice your head off before you even realized she was half-vampire. There were even unlockable modifications that made her even sultrier and large breasted, and it’s possible Rayne helped a legion of gaymers discover their sexuality. Hell, I’m gay and I can admit she was a boss bitch with looks that could kill. I can only imagine would she did for other players in the gaming community.

If you ever want to revisit an old console and play a game you missed during its heyday, I certainly recommend the BloodRayne games. I think they’ll hold up well, especially in a world that is seeing the return of Nazis and the rise of women in power.

In case you missed it, BloodRayne was adapted to live-action in the early 2000’s. A theatrical release, BloodRayne, bombed at the box office in 2005 but was followed up by straight-to-DVD sequels BloodRayne 2: Deliverance, BloodRayne 3: The Third Reich and a parody titled Blubberella in 2011.

Michael Therkelsen

[He/Him] Michael was born and raised at the Jersey Shore and he loves love horror films, video games, hiking and cooking. He auditioned for American Idol in season 6 and worked as a vet tech before finally discovering his passion for writing. He has several short stories available for purchase on e-readers, and is obsessed with UFC, American Ninja Warrior and running half-marathons. With a wide area of interests and hobbies, he's excited to help other people in the LGBT community discovery the world of gaming.

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