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Will you be doing Mercy’s Overwatch Recall Challenge?

Overwatch 2 is still far enough away that it wouldn’t be too wrong to consider it a pipe dream at the moment. So, as always, fans are left with the tidbits of lore that they can wring from small updates either from the Overwatch writers, such as Michael Chu, or from the game itself. This time it’s with the Overwatch Recall Challenge which you have to complete in-game.

The newest lore coming your way has already been revealed in a new short story ‘Valkyrie’, this time focusing on Mercy and whether she should get back into the fight with Overwatch again. In this story, we’re also joined by Ana Amari and Soldier 76. We won’t get too much into the details, but you can read the story for yourself here.

However, Blizzard aren’t just giving players the short story, but are using the Overwatch Recall Challenge to provide sprays, an icon and a skin for the Mercy mains out there. Here are just a few to look forward to.

You’ll be able to earn these cosmetics throughout November until December 2nd, giving you plenty of time to get all the cosmetics you want and need.

Will you be taking the challenge and show off your superiority as a Mercy main? Let’s hope so!

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