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Pearl Abyss announces new open-world MMO DokeV

Pearl Abyss are widely known for their MMO Black Desert Online, which will be getting a worldwide release on mobile next month. But, it wasn’t Black Desert that stole the show during Pearl Abyss’ G-Star 2019 press conference. No, what pulled us in was the announcement of a new MMO called DokeV, a game planned for PC and console.

On the surface, this looks like another Pokemon rip-off. After all, any game that involves the catching of creatures is often accused of that, right? But if the in-game footage we’ve seen is any indication of what we can expect, DokeV looks to be showcasing creatures that look more realistic than what we usually see from Pokemon.

You can check out the trailer for yourself below. It includes a ton of cool, colourful animals and does give us an idea what we’ll be doing when we play the game.

Gematsu posted an overview from Lead Producer, Sang Young Kim, about what we could expect from the game. It reads:

“So you’re probably wondering what DokeV is like. DokeV is an MMO where players, together with creatures known as ‘Dokebi,’ traverse through an open world full of playable content. Although DokeV was initially planned for release on mobile, we now plan to release it first on console and PC, where players will get a taste of the game’s exceptional graphics made possible by our in-house engine. We’re also considering releasing the game for other platforms, including mobile.”

It isn’t much to go on, but consider us excited all the same! After all, who doesn’t want to make friends with cute, cuddly animals and show them off whenever the possibility arises?

The beta for DokeV is planned to start in 2020. Visit the official website to find out more, as well as subscribe for updates.

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  • I’ve always loved these cartoon-graphic styled MMORPGs. Is this planned to be released in America as well?

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