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Joke or not, someone asked Donald Trump to stop sales of Pokemon Sword and Shield

You would have to be buried six feet underground, or completely free from the terrible grasp of social media, to not have noticed that gamers are losing their marbles at Game Freak, the developers behind Pokemon Sword and Shield. Now Donald Trump is also involved. Well, sort of.

The hatred thrown Game Freak’s way started more than a few months back, but it really picked up when gamers were notified that not every single Pokemon would be back in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Many were outraged, especially die-hard fans that realized their favourites had gotten cut. Because gamers are reasonable people, this led to death threats and abuse online – mostly directed at Game Freak.

Recently it’s gotten worse. In fact, it’s gotten so bad that one gamer has made a petition to ‘help’ get their voice heard. How? By turning to the President of the United States, Donald Trump through an online petition.

Confused? Yeah, we are too.

While it is highly possible that this could be a joke, it isn’t the first time that gamers have turned to Donald Trump in order to get his help on something that was beyond his control. That and, well, if Donald Trump barely gives a damn about his own country outside of the rich, why on earth would he give a damn about a video game?

Logical thinking aside, Pokemon Sword and Shield has been going through some tough times and it doesn’t look like fans will stop dragging the game through the mud any time soon. With the review embargo lifted, some gamers have already started accusing publications of being paid by Game Freak for positive scores.

Whether this vitriol will die down when the game has been released remains to be seen. But if you ask us? We highly doubt that’ll be the case.

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