Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Check out the very first episode of our official Gayming Magazine podcast

You’ve no doubt heard that we recently published every single talk we did at Gayming Live, the event that we held during early October. It was well-received by you, our readers, and so we wanted to do something that’ll keep you coming back for more: through our very own Gayming Magazine podcast.

The difference between the Gayming Magazine podcast and Gayming Live is that the former will focus on content from the website itself, as well as those involved behind Gayming. This means you’ll get to hear from Editor and Deputy Editor, Robin and Aimee, as well as freelancers and other guests.

Every two weeks the panel will discuss everything that’s hot in the LGBTQ gaming world.

Excited? You don’t have to wait any longer. The first episode of The Gayming Podcast is now here and you can listen to it right here on Gayming Magazine, as well as Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss an episode!

In our very first episode, Robin is joined by Aimee and Matt Kamen, a writer for Wired UK. Together they talked about the following:

What’s In Your Slot: Robin tells us more about the joys of Lego games, Aimee laments on how Dead by Daylight is scratching that horror itch she was always scared to scratch, and Matt talks about Outer Worlds and why it’s the best Obsidian game yet.

Gayming News: Robin talks more about ace representation with Parvati in Outer Worlds, as well as how queer representation is being shown in video games this year. Aimee talks more about Male Byleth’s new romance option Jeritza, Pokemon and outrage culture, and Matt gives us the rundown of why the new Sonic design is amazing…

Even if Aimee did prefer the original version, including Sonic’s human teeth!

Hot Topic: Matt educates both Robin and Aimee about Google Stadia, and they all discuss whether streaming really is the future of gaming.

Like what you heard? Please let us know in the comments below, or even on our social media pages. Who knows, if you ask a question, we may even just answer it next time…

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