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Our Top 5 Video Game Conventions

What’s better than video games? Video game conventions! Often you’ll find the newest games to play there, and the merchandise that is usually sold is top-notch. More importantly, it brings people together to express their love for video games in an environment packed full of energy.

Of course, we do have our favourites, because who doesn’t? Each convention has something different on offer.

Here is are our top five:


EGX is the biggest gaming convention in the UK, and despite it once again moving back to London — which we’re certainly not bitter about, at all — it always encourages people to come visit due to its amiable atmosphere. It doesn’t just have gaming either, but cosplay and markets to shop at too.


video game conventions

Gamescom is based in Germany, Cologne and could be seen as the European E3 due to its scale. Well, apart from they don’t leak game journalist addresses, that’s one huge difference.

Regardless, Gamescom is packed full of talks from the biggest names in the industry, and you can bet the latest games will be there for you to play.


video game conventions

In spite of the controversy surrounding GaymerX, it is a convention that stands out due to not only its acceptance of LGBT gamers, but the celebration of that fact. It is based in San Francisco, and though it had to be canceled this year due to issues with the venue, we’re certain it’ll be up and running again in 2020.

Tokyo Game Show

The Tokyo Game Show is the event that we all want to go to. Not only does it show off the latest games, but it loves to show off the latest steps made when it comes to technology like VR. The presence of anime games that you may not find in Western conventions is also a big plus.


This is technically cheating as there are a ton of different PAX’s, but all of them are dedicated to video games so we hope you’ll let this slide, just this once. PAX conventions are always vibrant and fun, offering gamers entertainment with tournaments, cosplay and a whole lot more.

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