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Mei from Overwatch is turning into a symbol against the oppression in Hong Kong

Blizzard is under fire, and, as you can see per our article yesterday, it’s for reasons that are entirely justified.

Ever since Blizzard decided to remove Hearthstone player Blitzchung aka Chung Ng Wai from Grandmasters, as well as two casters who were interviewing Blitzchung at the time, due to his statement about the political climate in Hong Kong, people have been understandably irate with the decision. And not just the community, but even those working for Blizzard too.

It’s a decision that Blizzard expected if their closing the comments on the original post that detailed the reasoning behind Blitzchung’s removal, but now we know, thanks to Eurogamer, that fans have taken it a step further by targeting Mei from Overwatch. And by target, we mean to make her a symbol of protest against what is happening in Hong Kong through a number of images and even video.

Mei is a Chinese character and is playable in Blizzard’s FPS, Overwatch which, according to Reddit user batture, makes her the perfect candidate to stick up for democracy in Hong Kong.

“It would be such a shame if Mei from Overwatch became a pro-democracy symbol and got Blizzard’s games banned in China,” Batture’s post in Hong Kong’s Reddit reads, a picture of Mei at the bottom. An obvious invitation to use Mei’s image as a template for the savvy photoshoppers out there.

And they were quick to answer. As you can see from the replies in the thread, more than a number of different images were created. Some were even posted into Blizzard’s actual Reddit which, surprisingly, have yet to be taken down…

Of course, the whole situation is rather ironic considering that Blizzard shut down Blitzchung in order to silence his voice. However the situation has only grown louder, and louder, with even politicians from around the world commenting on the debacle.

Whether Blizzard will issue a statement is uncertain. All we know now is that time will tell.

For more information about Overwatch, as well as Blizzard, we have more to share here at Gayming Magazine.

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