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Top 5 Dragon Age Romances you should swipe right on

No matter who you are, BioWare have always had your back when it comes to finding someone to love in your virtual world by having some damn good Dragon Age romances. Of course, they aren’t always the best person to love — I’m looking at you Anders — but what their lacking is usually made up for by their positive traits.

However some Dragon Age romances, as hard as it may be to admit, rise above the rest. Their just so damn good that you either refuse to romance someone else afterward or they’ve made you question yourself and how you see the world.

These are those romances.


100/10, would romance again.

If we had to describe Leliana in Dragon Age: Orgins as a fruit, we’d lovingly call her a fruitcake.

Yes she may seem like she has a few screws loose at first, but Leliana is an incredible companion, who truly cherishes the Warden and goes out of their way to understand their problems. Seriously, not many people asked me how I was feeling after all my family just got killed.

She’s also an excellent storyteller, and flirts with you by referencing pudding many times and how she’d like to keep your eyelashes in a jar.

You know, romantic stuff like that.


Fenris may be grumpy, but he is also a puppy that I love and want to cherish forever.

Fenris isn’t a companion that everyone will love, especially those who are ‘ride-and-die’ for mages in the world of Dragon Age. But, as you already know if you played the game, he does have his reasons and can change his mind with the player’s influence.

He also lives in a mansion that is filled to the brim with alcohol, so there’s a plus if the conversation starts to get boring. Careful though, as there are a ton of rotting corpses around from years ago.

Despite these glaring flaws, Fenris is charming and is voiced by Gideon Emery, known to have one of the smoothest voices around.

Oh, he doesn’t wear any shoes either. So, uh, enjoy.

Iron Bull

Insert a ‘ride the bull’ joke here.

As far as romance options go, Iron Bull gets an unfair reputation as just loving sex and fighting. That’s…kind of true? But there’s a lot more to him than that, we promise!

Despite what the fanfiction may tell you, Iron Bull is all about consent and making sure you’re comfortable when starting a relationship with him. One of the best things about this romance is the great lengths it goes to show how healthy BDSM can be.

Of course, it isn’t all just about sex. Iron Bull is intelligent, witty and cares a lot about the people around him. Just…don’t sacrifice the Chargers, okay? Otherwise you may end up finishing Dragon Age: Inquisition’s expansion, Trespasser, in tears.


Isabela is also known as The Best Character

If you know me, you know that I would gush about Isabela for at least 2 hours straight. Isabela is an incredibly sweet, but emotionally-hardened woman that when you first meet her in Dragon Age 2, doesn’t believe in things such as ‘love’ or being ‘tied down’.

After romancing her, she still doesn’t believe in the latter, but she does open up her heart to those who give her a chance.

Funny and with an amazingly sharp wit, Isabela’s romance shows how vulnerable this usually confident, steadfast woman really is.

But if you really are just in for a fling, then Isabela has that in spades too. Get you a girl who can do both.

Dorian Pavus

Dorian works his magic in the most subtle of ways

Would it really be a complete list without the Tevinter mage, Dorian Pavus? Dorian is often regarded as one of the most well-written love interests in the whole of Dragon Age, and it’s easy to see why once you see how charming he is.

Dorian’s backstory is a sad one and one we won’t spoil for new fans, but if you don’t cry at least once… Well, we’ll try not to judge you.

He’s charismatic and is often the one to diffuse any tense situation. But don’t let that humor fool you, Dorian also has a soft side that’ll make you want to bundle him up and love forever.

That and no matter what you put him, whether it be fine silk or an obnoxious yellow plaid, he’ll just look fantastic in it. Eye-candy for days.

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