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The Last of Us 2 Joel reveal we’ve been waiting for, and he’s looking more daddy than ever

The Last of Us 2 is a game that’s been on our minds since it was first teased back during E3, 2017. There have been so many questions after all. Mostly along the ‘is Dina going to die?’ and ‘where’s Joel, goddamnit?’

Well, thanks to PlayStation’s recent State of Play, we may have some answers to that. Some aren’t that great (the possibility of Dina dying is sadly, very real), but one piece of good news to come out of this trailer is Joel’s status.

Yes, Joel, the original daddy of scruffy white men protagonists, is very much alive.

The Last of Us 2 Joel
The Last of Us 2 Joel reveal that got us all hyped.

As you can tell from above, Joel has finally made his way to The Last of Us 2. It was speculated before that Joel may already be dead, a rumour that Naughty Dog was keen to stoke the fires of. However, it seems that has just burnt out…

Joel was previously the main protagonist of The Last of Us, where he went through a the death of his daughter, all his potential romantic relationships crumbling before his very eyes, and to make matters worse? He almost lost Ellie.

However, it seems as though The Last of Us 2 will push players on a different path with Ellie being the main protagonist. What this path is, remains to be seen. We just hope that it isn’t necessarily the ‘bury your gays’ trope that is hinted at in the State of Play trailer.

As for Joel, it seems that despite living in a literal wasteland of a world, he hasn’t changed all that much. He still wears plaid, looks like a bear, and probably fights like one too.

What did you think of Joel’s reveal, were you surprised to see that he’d be around?

Check Gayming Magazine later on in the week to learn more about The Last Of Us 2.

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