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Cyberpunk 2077 cutscenes will all be in first-person, including sex scenes

Cyberpunk 2077 cutscenes have shown us a few different things, such as V, the protagonist of the game, getting dressed and even kicking some serious butt. However, we may actually be seeing less of V than we first thought.

In fact, according to a recent post from a user of Night City Life, a German website, this sci-fi RPG may spend most of its time in the first-person. The user approached CD Projekt RED on Facebook after the Night City Lfe interview was posted on the CD Projekt RED forum, which gave more details about game design, particularly The Witcher 3’s third-person view.

The user asked whether it was true that there would be no third-person view anymore, to which the official account replied that “in Cyberpunk 2077, immersion is very important to us, so yes, cutscenes are fpp [first-person perspective].”

Cyberpunk 2077 cutscenes
Sex scenes are going to be in the first person too.

The account also replied “same” when the user asked whether sex scenes would get the same treatment. Considering how sex was in the Witcher 3 and if you enjoyed it or not, we expect that we’ll be seeing absolutely everything there is to see.

It isn’t necessarily the first time that there have been first-person sex scenes in a video game, but it is a first for a CD Projekt RED game.

However, if you’re concerned that means you’re going to be spending all your time not seeing the character you painstakingly created, then don’t be. CD Projekt Red global community manager Marcin Momot has recently taken to Twitter to explain more about the decisions being made for the game.

From what we’ve seen so far, with V driving a motorcycle and getting their cybernetic implants wired, it does seem likely that we won’t just be seeing through our character’s eyes all the time.

In other recent news, Cyberpunk 2077 just released up to 15 minutes of previously unseen gameplay.

Quote source: PC Gamer

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