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‘Borderlands 3 is a gays only event’ and other excellent LGBT tweets celebrating the game

Borderlands 3 has either got you buzzing, or it’s game that just doesn’t do it for you. Maybe there’s just too many fart jokes for you to comprehend, or maybe you actually like the fart and poop jokes thanks very much and are spending the rest of your days in the land of Pandora.

Regardless of how you feel, Borderlands 3 has everyone talking. As we’ve mentioned a few times before, Borderlands as a series has its fair share of LGBT representation. As to be expected, that means people are paying attention, particularly those from the LGBT communities.

Which also means there are a lot of pretty funny tweets out there that only the LGBT community can relate to. Some of them are pretty spoilery, so watch out!

Gays only event, go home!

We have no time for ignoring FL4K’s preferred pronouns.

Twitter user scarygaybatmn summed it all up with this one, beautiful gif. Not only do we love our favourite robot, FL4K, we love any support of them and the robot’s voice actor, SungWon Cho.

Other games vs Borderlands 3?

Everyone else? Do better.

There are a few of other games out there that can boast this, but we appreciate the enthusiasm all the same! After all, who doesn’t love a bandit lesbian wedding? We’d go to more…If we were invited.

FL4K belongs to the gays!

Heterolinis, stay mad.

We have already talked a little about FL4K and how excited we are for non-binary folx, but this tweet alone made us smile. Borderlands fans, keep supporting FL4K!

Spoilers ahoy, but also plenty of gay joy!

Well now isn’t this a happy ending?

We love a good happy ending, and Borderlands 3 is no exception to this. We won’t say anything else, just know that we’re more than a little pleased to see that Borderlands 3 is doing well on the LGBT front.


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