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5 upcoming LGBT indie games you should check out

2019 is a fantastic year for indie gaming, especially if you’re a part of the LGBT community. There have been some fantastic works in LGBT indie games, and to not celebrate them would be a crime against gayming.

Of course, if there are any that we’ve missed then we encourage you to comment and tell us about it! We’re interested in what games have caught your attention this year, and what makes them so interesting to you.

After all, you can never have enough indies to play.

Between The Lines

LGBT indie games
Between the Lines is on Kickstarter, go support them!

Between The Lines is a visual novel created by Ayane. It is a mature game that focuses on LGBT topics, such as coming out, and has a big diverse cast.

What’s more, you play as whoever you like. You can be male, female or non-binary. No matter your choice there, every character is open for your approach.

Between The Lines is currently on Kickstarter, waiting to be funded.

Pride Run

Show your pride!

Pride Run, from publisher Green Man Gaming and developers IV Productions, is a game that celebrates the LGBT community all around the world. It’s here, it’s queer and I need it so badly, oh dear.

In this game, you’ll need to dance your way through the streets. Through perfect rhythm, you’ll attract others to join you on parade. You also get to fight Donald Trump — a must-have for any game, really.

Pride Run is set to release sometime this year, 2019.


Magical girls anywhere and everywhere!

StarCrossed is an action-arcade game developed by Contigo Games and published by Whitethorn Digital. In StarCrossed, you’ll join a cast of 5 space-faring magical girls that travel from planet to planet, saving lives and looking fabulous while doing so.

As you work together, you’ll strengthen your bonds and defeat a looming evil that watches your every move. How delightfully sinister!

StarCrossed has a release date for 2019.

Lore Finder

An exploration of personal identity.

Have you ever wanted to play a Lovecraftian-inspired exploration platformer, especially one with, as described by its Steam page, “a modern queer reimagining of the cosmic horror genre.”

The game is non-linear, meaning that no matter what path you take in this 2D Metroidvania, you’ll be completing some part of the story.

Lore Finder is set to come out this year, and is being both developed and published by Kitsune Games.

Revery Rebirth

Let’s make music together.

Being in a band is hard work, especially in Caarmellum — a world where music is magic. In Revery Rebirth, you’ll follow Ares and his friends as they discover an ancient evil, and find a way to conquer it. How? Through music, of course.

Travel through dungeons and defeat your enemy in turn-based combat, complete puzzles and explore familiar human struggles such as love, loss, abandonment, addiction, and sexuality.

Revery Rebirth is currently on Kickstarter, go check them out.

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