Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Tabletop Roleplay Meets LGBTQ+ Dating Sim in Roll+Heart

Owl Sanctuary Studios today launched Roll+Heart, an LGBTQ+ dating sim combining a top-down strategy adventure with emotive visual novel storytelling.

Roll+Heart’s tabletop campaign is not just a way to meet characters – but instead is an integral part of gameplay. In this ‘game withing a game’, encounters are fought in turn-based grid combat, with players’ attitudes away from the table affecting not only their relationships, but also the outcome of their fantasy adventure.

With diverse character customisation and five unique romantic paths to take, Roll+Heart explores the lines between roleplay and reality, and celebrates the appeal of tabletop games to people from all walks of life – from a car mechanic to a mother of two.

Will you slay dragons? Loot dungeons? Win the hand of your one true love? Roll for initiative, and find out!

  • 5 unique romantic pathways
  • Hybrid gameplay: top-down strategy encounters and classic visual novel style conversations
  • Customisable player character(s): design how you look and how your tabletop roleplay character looks!
  • Accessible for new players: choose your level of experience – never played a tabletop game before? That’s ok! We keep it simple – including optional battles.

“We wanted to make a tabletop dating sim about romance, friendship, secrets, and the ultimate fantasy – a group who can consistently play tabletop every week!” 

Lead Developer & Director Thomas Hanley

Roll+Heart is available now on Steam and Discord at $19.99 / £15.50. 

New adventurers can join the Roll+Heart community over at their Discord server.

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