Friday, March 1, 2024
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Kitty reviews… Dream Daddy

Hello kittens! It’s me again, back for the third of my dating themed video game reviews. This month’s game I’m running my fluffy pink measuring stick over is Dream Daddy!

I had planned to tackle a girthier AAA game this time, but sadly I’ve been so busy working on my own games (check out and feeding my addiction to Homescapes, that I’ve gone for something a little more manageable.

As you may remember, being a drag queen game developer and also an expert in the field of love, I’ve decided to judge these games like I judge my dates.

First impressions will be judged initially, are they all mouth and no trousers or could they do with a makeover? Then it’s staying power, can they keep me entertained? Finally, is the climax satisfying? Does it take too long to get anywhere, or is it all over too quickly?

Ratings will be on a scale from…

  • Toss – toss it back where it came from
  • Trade – play it once then trade it in for a different model
  • Treasure – put a ring on it and keep it forever

Anyway, onto the review. A little while ago I decided to check out some games that revolve around love (and a bit of lust), since that’s the sort of game I make too, and I finally settled on ‘Dream Daddy’ by Game Grumps, available on every system you can think of (I played the Steam version). It’s nice to see a game that revolves around objectifying men for a change so I made it my quest to try and get as filthy as possible in it.

To be honest, I’m not a fan of games that rely on endless swathes of text to read, I’d much rather look at the pictures so it wasn’t off to a great start. It also was a bit of a surprise to learn that the game is also an actual Daddy simulator, meaning that I would also need to do parenting in addition to just chatting up the hot neighbours.

First Impressions

So first impressions, a bit too chatty, but looks nice. The art is very nicely rendered and appealing. And is getting a bit ahead of itself wanting me to bring up it’s kids.

I meet all the neighbours, a bit of a who’s who of stereotypes, but that being said there is something for everyone. Naturally I homed in the bad boy who looked like he’d be up for a roll in the hay. On the downside, he looked like he could do with a good meal, and maybe like his liver could do with a rest (he had too many clothes on to be a circuit queen). Anyway I tried to worm my way into his bed and it didn’t take me long.

I won’t spoil the rest of that story thread for you, but he turned out to be a right git and it wasn’t a happy ending. I did get my end away though, but not in any kind of saucy detail sadly.

Staying Power

To its credit, it did keep me interested until the end of that particular storyline so the games staying power isn’t bad in the medium term. And of course there is replay value in trying it on with every one of the neighbours till you inevitably have to make your excuses and leave town to lose your terrible reputation. So if you’re into these visual novels there’s quite a bit of content here for you.

Personally I like less chat and more action, so this game wasn’t going to get me to the platinum trophy, if you know what I mean.

The Climax

And that brings me neatly to my rating of ‘Dream Daddy’, which is a tentative…


Except you can’t as I don’t think there’s a boxed version. Soz!

I say tentative because this is a good example of this type of game, but I think you’d need to have a bit of a fetish for reading to milk all the goodness from it. It’s amusing as a bit of fun, if you can get it past first base, but I wouldn’t marry it!

I hope that helps! Let me know if you agree, and tweet me at @mskittypowers if you have any requests!

Miao kittens!

Kitty XOXO

Kitty Powers

[She/Her] Kitty Powers is the first drag queen game developer in the universe! Or at least the galaxy... Her first independent release (we're talking about a video game, you filthy monkeys) was Kitty Powers' Matchmaker! Released for mobile and Steam in 2014/2015.