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Revery Rebirth – A Role Playing Game with the soul of music and a diverse cast

NYC based indie game developer RatBird Games announced it will be crowdfunding their musical fantasy RPG “Revery Rebirth” through Kickstarter on September 1st, 2019.

In Revery Rebirth, the player will take control of a young man named Ares in a world where music holds real power as magical energy. After discovering an ex-bandmate’s role in a disastrous event, the player will recruit a new band of diverse characters and set off across the world of Caarmellum, playing music to cast spells, solve puzzles, defeat foes, and reveal the nature of the world.

In the game, music is the magic that weaves the very fabric of the world. Every aspect is built with music in mind, including rich lore and world-building, indicating it’s depth in our nature.

The player will discover many other musicians on their journey, each with their own stories, their raw emotion evoked in the songs they write, impacting the world in great ways.

The major narrative of Revery Rebirth is a story of the consequence of action. It focuses on the human element present in life. Nobody is evil – each antagonist has justifiable ideals, and seeks to change the world, answer questions, and survive. It is up to the player’s band to determine what is right and what is wrong.

Revry Rebirth features a really diverse cast of characters with various social and sexual backgrounds which isn’t seen much in other RPGs of this kind. The developer, Michael Elmquist, explained: “I wanted to create a game that tells more stories than the usual, ‘cool guy gets big breasted woman’. I’m gay, and as an adult have found it tough to find stories I relate to in modern RPGs, and so I’m sure others feel the same way.”

Key Features

  • Turn-based battles with music based combat.
  • Songs and motifs written for different instruments for all of the characters.
  • Complex element system for heightened strategy in battle.
  • Music theory based puzzles, creating new types of ways to solve puzzles while also educating the player.
  • LGBTQ+ characters and narratives that omit tropes and stereotypes.
  • Sprawling soundtrack written by Michael Elmquist as well as original songs by other musicians.
  • Thousands of original pixel art assets, all hand crafted.
  • Character arcs that focus on several versions of the human condition.
  • A complex linear narrative set across an immersive fantasy world.

Grab your guitar and begin your musical journey!

There will be a playable demo of the game at Play NYC on August 10th and 11th at the Metropolitan Pavilion.

Revery Rebirth is funding on Kickstarter from September 1st.

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