Friday, June 21, 2024

Award winning global accelerator Code Coven announces industry fundraiser

Code Coven, the first global accelerator and academy dedicated to empowering marginalised game developers at all levels, has announced today its inaugural Academy Fundraiser taking place throughout June 2024.

Code Coven’s Academy programs help marginalised developers create their own games, start their own studios, and level up their skill sets and portfolios.

An awesome 84% of Code Coven’s participants identify as LGBTQIA+ and the accelerator provides a safe space for developers to not only explore game development but their identities too.

Throughout June, Code Coven and participating streamers will raise the critical funds needed to continue Code Coven’s Academy programs in 2024. Fundraising streams will feature exclusive giveaways from Code Coven’s fundraising partners, Secret Mode, Mobius Digital, Clever Endeavour, Soft Leaf Studios, Studio Drydock, and Extremely OK Games, LTD.

The industry is currently going through various challenges – we’re seeing mass redundancies and a lack of funding for grassroots initiatives. Whilst we acknowledge the ever challenging industry landscape, we’re also seeing people founding new studios, developing new games and learning new skills. Code Coven is here to support individuals as they realise their dreams and elevate their skills. Our academy will deliver courses that assist people at every step of their careers, with a robust support network to accelerate their journey.

Code Coven’s Founder and CEO Tara Mustapha

Code Coven is looking for continued support in 2024 so that they can continue helping marginalised game developers find success looking for work and developing their own games.

The fundraiser runs from today (May 30th) to July 1st. To make a donation to support this important work for our own LGBTQ developer community, head to Code Coven’s GoFundMe page.

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