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Voice Love on Air is the BL game to play this year

Finding love isn’t easy, but for Voice Love on Air protagonist Aki, love is the only thing that matters if he wants his new recording studio to succeed.

Aki, a newbie voice director who wants to branch out and fulfill their wish of owning their very own studio, has the difficult choice of trying to wrangle several voice actors to complete the BL (boy love) dramas he has planned. Thankfully, Aki’s ability to hear a person’s true feelings from their voice alone will help him in pursuing his goals.

Along the way, Aki will meet several voice actors, and all have the opportunity to form a romantic relationship with him throughout the game’s story. These love interests are:

  • Wesley
  • Ryousei
  • Junichi
  • Yuki
Voice Love on Air

Each love interest has its own route, meaning that Aki will need to interact with each one and choose who he prefers the most and wants to deepen his relationship with.

It isn’t all love and romance, however. Aki will also need to take on different drama genre projects, study, collect materials, and make sure each actor he uses will suit each project. It’s a tough job, but it doesn’t hurt that there’s a hot hunk waiting to take him out on a weekend date.

You can play Voice Love on Air now on PC via Steam.

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