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Star Wars Outlaws release date revealed

Star Wars Outlaws release date has officially been revealed via the official story trailer.

Back in June 2023, Ubisoft Massive revealed gameplay of Star Wars Outlaws, an open-world Star Wars game that allows eager fans to take a glimpse into the troubled galaxy during the time between The Empire Strikes Back and The Return of the Jedi films.

Playing as Kay Vess, an up-and-coming scoundrel that’s just starting out as a smuggler, players are introduced to a galaxy that has both the Rebellion and Empire slugging it out — meaning there’s plenty of room for smugglers, bounty hunters, and the rest of the universe’s seedy underbelly to thrive in the darkness.

Among all this strife for these two factions, the criminal underworld thrives – playing off the Rebellion one day, and the Empire the next. There are no sides: just opportunity. That’s what keeps protagonist Kay Vess moving from place to place, a chance to make it big and settle away from the danger that follows her. And make some cold, hard credits along the way.

The timeline also allows some level of speculation on characters that may appear in-game, such as Fennec Shand or our personal favourite, Doctor Aphra. After all, if things are about to go down with heists, who better to call than some of the best smugglers and bounty hunters around?

You can watch the official story trailer for Star Wars Outlaws below.

Star Wars Outlaws release date has been confirmed for August 30 on PS5, PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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