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Love at the Milky Way Diner promises community through food

Food, whether you have strong feelings about it or not, is one of the most grounding things in the world. We all need it, our bodies crave it, and with it, we can bring people together. This sense of community spirit makes up the heart of Love at the Milky Way Diner.

The debut game from developers Clumsy Cat Studios is set 200 years after first contact between humanity and far more advanced and established alien species. The protagonist of this tale, aka you, is simply trying to find their place in the galaxy and, after being laid off from their corporate job on Mars, their search has grown desperate.

Thankfully, you have an ace up your sleeve. In a move that feels very familiar to all of those life sims you’ve played, the player’s distant aunt Cassiopia has suddenly passed away and would like one of her relatives to take over her business: a restaurant on a space station, Hesperides.

Despite the life that the protagonist has built on Mars, they decide to leave their home system of Helios and take up their aunt’s mantle. After all, maybe something (or someone) better out there is waiting for them.

Taking over the restaurant, The Milky Way Diner, the protagonist meets a vibrant and multi-species community made up of eccentric and unique individuals who are all too happy to welcome the new owner. It’s here that the player will make connections with their customers and, more importantly, make up some truly delicious, out-of-this-world food.

Love at the Milky Way Diner
Image Source: Clumsy Cat Studios

Building a community often involves meeting a fair and varied selection of people. In Love at the Milky Way Diner, forming friendships can lead to potential romantic relationships—and there’s plenty to choose from. Examples include Roswell (she/they), the lead mechanic at the space station, and the protagonist’s new neighbor, as well as La’ro (he/him), the charming owner of the Wayfarer’s Rest bar.

In total, 8 love interests will feature in Love at the Milky Way Diner, each with its own unique routes and stories for added replayability and fun. The protagonist’s new diner is a favourite of everyone who lives at the station, so expect that each route will add an exciting twist that’ll make the diner continue to stand out.

More important, is the selection of food that players will be serving to their hungry customers.

Each species has its own culture and food, meaning that you’ll need to combine ingredients and techniques from different worlds in order to create scrumptious snacks and delicious dinners at The Milky Way Diner.

A demo of the game is available to play over on If you find yourself enjoying it, you can support the potential of a full release via the game’s Kickstarter campaign.

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