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Queer visual novel The Hayseed Knight is now fully released on Steam

On Thursday, February 29, solo developer Maxi Molina announced that their queer, animated visual novel The Hayseed Knight is now available in its content complete form for PC via Steam.

“📢GAME RELEASE!!📢 The FULL VERSION of The Hayseed Knight is out ON STEAM!” Molina tweeted. “Join a ragtag band of misfits as they tell the unlikely tale of a one-eyed farm boy’s accidental rise to fame!

✨Fully Voice Acted!
✨Gorgeous animated art!
✨Mystery! Comedy! Romance!”

The Hayseed Knight originally launched on Steam in Early Access in December of 2020, and after three years it is now ready for players to see the full version.

“The main game is finally finished, and I don’t even know what to say,” Molina wrote in a blog post on Steam. “I’ve been frozen solid for the last couple of weeks, just trying to process the fact that 7 years of work were finally coming to an end. What started in late 2016 as a picaresque novel in Spanish I wrote for myself during my first time in therapy to try to untangle the Gordian knot of painful memories I always carried with me, has somehow turned into… this. All of this. 7 years and a half of this.”

“I’m terrified. I’m hyped as hell. I’m going to eat something nice to celebrate.”

This game is set in a medieval world of anthropomorphic animals and follows a rag-tag group of misfits as they try to figure out how a one-eyed, stag farm boy named Ader managed to rise to fame as the most celebrated knight the land of Acazhor has ever seen.

As you hear Ader’s tale, you will make choices that impact it and his bonds with the other characters he meets. This cast is fully voice acted, and includes the likes of a giant tree man, a tone deaf bard, an enigmatic sorceress, and more. Much of the game is also animated, pushing it closer to an interactive cartoon than your traditional visual novel.

Players can now check The Hayseed Knight v1.8 on PC via Steam for $19.99.

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