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Overwatch 2 is unlocking heroes for everyone

On March 19, the Overwatch 2 team announced that among other changes, from season 10 onward all of the game’s heroes will be unlocked for all players. This will include past heroes that have already come out since Overwatch 2 released, according to a developer update video from game director Aaron Keller.

“The future of Overwatch 2 can’t come soon enough 🙌

🦸 All Heroes are Unlocked
😍 Unlock Past Mythic Skins
💰 Earn 600 Coins in the Battle Pass
🇵🇪 New Push Map: Runasapi in Season 11
⚔️ Clash Game Mode Trial in Season 10

Stay tuned for even more updates soon ✨”

Overwatch 2 developer update graphic
Image Source: Blizzard

“Heroes are one of the most exciting additions to the game,” Keller said in the developer update. “And we want all of our players to have immediate access to them when they launch.”

“Which is why I’m thrilled to share that Venture and all future heroes will be free for all players when they launch.”

Previously, Overwatch 2 players had to either use in-game currency to unlock new heroes (or story content), or had to grind through battle pass levels to do so. Season 10 will also introduce the Mythic Shop to the game, which will allow players to purchase skins from previous seasons they may have missed. Keller also promised that the development team plans to continue tweaking combat and systems in the game to keep things fresh and fun for players.

Overwatch 2 Season 10 is expected to release on April 16.

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