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DEATH OF A WISH is now available on PC and Switch

On Monday, developer melessthanthree announced that spiritual successor to Lucah: Born of a Dream, moody hack-n-slash DEATH OF A WISH, is now available to download on PC and Nintendo Switch.

In DEATH OF A WISH, you play as Christian, a furious young man who is trying to destroy the oppressive religious order that raised him. There are four Sanctum Faiths that he must destroy if he wants to accomplish this: Father, Sister, Cardinal, and Priest. Along the way, he encounters new allies that share his goal of creating something new from the rubble of the current regime.

“The development of Death of a Wish began in the midst of strife and turmoil over the last couple years, sparked by rage towards the increasing abandonment of our most vulnerable, and my feeling of helplessness to affect any of it,” said developer Colin Horgan in a press release.

“Our previous game, Lucah: Born of a Dream, was about finding peace within oneself, but I don’t think that theme is satisfactory anymore. Death of a Wish comes in to ask, ‘What do you do after that?’, and I think we used that question to sharpen this game into a thrilling, razor-edge experience.”

Where its predecessor Lucah had a slower, more deliberate combat style reminiscent of Dark Souls, DEATH OF A WISH asks the player to be fast and aggressive with enemies more in the vein of Bloodborne. It features a parry system that only works by rolling directly into enemy attacks, along with several other combat systems you can take advantage of to turn the tables on your adversaries.

Players can now check out melessthanthree’s sophomore effort DEATH OF A WISH on PC or Nintendo Switch. The game is on sale for a limited time as part of its release promotion.

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