Friday, July 19, 2024
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Floramancer: Seeds & Spells blooms onto PC this March

On February 13 solo developer Joe Sullivan announced that his farming-combat fusion game Floramancer: Seeds & Spells will release for PC on March 5, 2024.

In this game, you play as the titular Floramancer, the only one in existence. In this world, humanity created machines to mine the last of Earth’s resources, destroying most of the natural world in the process. The final forest left began defending itself magically, summoning defenders to protect it, but as time went on it also began to run out of resources. So it summoned one last Floramancer –a mage who is able to grow spells in their garden — to help defend it. You use these homegrown spells to protect the last living forest in existence from the remains of humanity’s machinery.

Mechanically, you do this in Floramancer: Seeds & Spells by exploring a magical, procedurally generated forest and battling the robots you find there using your farmed spells. There are dozens of unique seeds/plants/spells available to grow in your garden.

These spells are all aligned to different elements, and can be used to achieve different effects. For example, water spells can put out flames and shock enemies; air spells can help fire plants grow and deflect bullets; earth seeds can tunnel through rocks and shoot fast spikes, and fire can clear paths through obstacles like brush and debris. There are even more effects these spells can pack, but you will have to play the game for yourself to see them.

In an interview with GameRant, Sullivan explained that the idea for this game actually came from his girlfriend and was heavily inspired by a game they had been playing together.

“It was actually my girlfriend’s idea,” Sullivan told GameRant. “It came heavily inspired by the game Moonlighter, which we had just finished playing. We both really love that game and the cyclical nature of going out and fighting, then doing something peaceful, and then fighting, and then doing something peaceful. I just started straight from there.”

Sullivan isn’t aiming a message at any one particular corporation or organization, but just wants to express how important protecting nature is to him through this game.

“Well, I just grew up loving it [nature] so much,” he told GameRant. “I grew up as a forest kid with my friends, hanging out, you know, having sword fights with sticks, hanging by the lake,and crossing rivers. I think it’s important that we don’t lose it for parking lots or industry or start selling tickets to it. I’ve just loved nature forever. I just feel it needs to be protected.”

Players will be able to pick up Floramancer: Seeds & Spells for PC via Steam on March 5 at a 25% off discount for $8.00.

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