Saturday, April 13, 2024
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Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2024 event starts next week

Get ready, Guardians! On Tuesday, March 5, the annual Destiny 2 Guardian Games competition will return to the game as an all-star event, introducing new challenges and rewards for players to compete to earn.

Every year during this three-week period, the three character classes of D2 — Hunters, Warlocks, and Titans — clash to see who can earn the most glory and the honor of a commemorative statue in The Tower for the rest of the year.

Destiny 2 Guardian Games graphic of three Guardians in event armor that is red (left), blue (middle), and yellow (right)
Image Source: Bungie

This year the event will take its All-Stars form, introducing an updated scoring system and Focus Activities, which are “new limited-time boosts to activities that can grant extra Medallions to the winning classes.” Speaking of Medallions, the new Contender Card will also be introduced during the Destiny 2 Guardian Games All-Stars and will bring Diamond Medallions with it. Players will be able to exchange Diamond Medallions for extra points, the new Champion Memento, and an Ascendant Alloy.

But that’s not all this event is bringing to the game. Players will also be able to earn the Allstar Vector Skimmer, the game’s first-ever hoverboard, permanently and for free. Players who unlock it will be able to grind rails and do tricks as they travel around their favorite Destiny locations.

Destiny 2 Guardian Games All-Stars medallion
Image Source: Bungie

To unlock the Allstar Vector Skimmer and other event-limited items — like the Compressed Wave Frame Grenade Launcher, Hullabaloo, a new Exotic Ghost Shell, and Exotic emote — Guardians will need to complete Event Card challenges and level up their card. Those who complete the Gold Event Challenge by March 26 at 9:59 a.m. will will earn the Bungie Rewards offer to purchase a physical 2024 Guardian Games All-Stars Medal through the Bungie Store.

For the third year in a row, The Guardian Games Cup will also return, encouraging players to compete against each other for glory supporting Direct Relief and the International Rescue Committee through the Bungie Foundation. Players in fireteams of six will be able to compete in two categories:

  • The Technical category tracks each team’s total number of Medallions dunked during Guardian Games All-Stars.
  • The Charitable category tracks the total amount raised by each team throughout the event.

The top four teams in each category will receive prizes, including the following:

  • The first-place teams in each category: Life-size physical Allstar Vector Skimmer replica with the team’s names engraved (one per team per category)
  • Top two teams in each category: Guardian Games Medals ($50 MSRP) for each team member (maximum of 6 per team per category)
  • Top three teams in each category: Binary Cascade emblem codes for each team member (maximum of 6 per team per category)
  • Top four teams in each category: Bungie Store $50 discount codes for each team member (maximum of 6 per team per category)
  • $10 and above donation – Together in Contribution emblem. Note: every $10 donated will net you an additional emblem.

The Destiny 2 Guardian Games All-Stars will begin on March 3, 2024.

Ty Galiz-Rowe

Ty is a freelance games writer and esports expert.