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Crush Link TD is a tower defense dating game out now

Crush Link TD is a new game from 4TEAMGB that released on February 14. In it, you play in a world of online dating where you have to sort messages from your crush out of a sea of spam.

You have a very popular profile on the Crush Link dating app, so you receive hundreds of messages a day. The night before Valentine’s Day, you finally find a crush worth dating and agree to meet up for a date the next day.

Crush Link TD screenshot of the game board on wave 9/9 with the text "find a message from your crush"
Image Source: 4TEAMGB

Unfortunately, when you wake up the next day you realize that your messages with your crush have gotten lost in all the other spam chats you receive every day. If you want to confirm the details of your date and finally meet your crush, you will need to get rid of all these extra messages in your inbox.

To do this, you use tower defense elements to protect your inbox from spam overload. Place towers in specified areas to block the flow of spam and protect yourself. As you progress, you’ll get to upgrade your towers, face mobs, take down bosses, and arrange a date with your crush.

Crush Link TD screenshot of the tower upgrade menu
Image Source: 4TEAMGB

Crush Link TD was created as part of a game jam with Valentine’s Day as the theme, but its storytelling about dating is inclusive to same sex relationships, and is broader than just romance.

“During the development process, we moved away from romance as the main theme, maintaining references to this topic, but giving preference to the interests of a wider audience, such as virtual networks and online dating,” 4TEAMGB wrote on their page. “We put all our love and passion into Crush Link TD and hope that you will enjoy it.”

Crush Link TD is now available for Android and PC via, Steam, and the Google Play Store.

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