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RESISTOR reveals gameplay trailer at the 41st Annual Golden Joystick Awards

RESISTOR, a vehicular-combat RPG from PQube and developer Long Way Home, revealed its gameplay trailer at the 41st Annual Golden Joystick Awards last week.

The game follows Aster, the child of a racing genius and legend, in the year 2060 in a world that’s in a state of disrepair, controlled by a league of powerful corporations. All in all, it’s a dystopian nightmare.

In this new gameplay trailer, RESISTOR focuses on demonstrating how it’s able to blend the cinematic storytelling of Aster coming face to face with dangerous adversaries with high-speed, intense combat and racing. It also highlights character and vehicle customisation, revealing an alternative look to Aster (voiced by Thomas G Burt and Rhiannon Moushall respectively) and the vehicle they’ll be shooting across busy desert highways and sprawling industrial complexes.

During our time at EGX 2023, we got the chance to play around 15 minutes of the game ourselves and were blown away at how queer-inclusive the game was in regards to body and voice expression. While this game is certainly about kicking ass while driving a car, the customization of Aster allowed players to pick fat and thin body types, as well as choose which voice best suited them. While not technically brilliant, RESISTOR gives you enough options that make you feel seen and we were overjoyed to see it.

You can watch the full first look gameplay trailer for RESISTOR below or via YouTube:

RESISTOR is coming soon to PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S and PS5.

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