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Can you be gay in My Time at Sandrock?

My Time at Sandrock is a new building/life/farming simulator from Pathea Games (My Time at Portia, Let’s School, Super Buckyball Tournament, Ever Forward, Planet Explorers). In it, we play as a newly licensed Builder who has just come to the settlement of Sandrock to start their career.

It’s up to you to help the town and its people by building new utilities, taking on commissions, and completing projects for the bureau of commerce. As you do, you can build your reputation around town, and create and foster relationships with your fellow community members. This is the second My Time at game, following the same timeline as My Time at Portia. The town of Sandrock is located north of Portia, and is in an arid, desert climate. Most of the characters you meet in Sandrock are newly introduced in this game, but there are some familiar faces as well.

Players are able to choose between a male or female avatar for their Builder, who they can name and eventually dress in different outfits. But, of course, there’s always the most important question: Can you be gay?

Can you be gay in My Time at Sandrock?

This game features 21 romanceable characters that players can try to romance while building their life in Sandrock. Regardless of the gender you choose for your avatar, you can pursue any of these 21 characters, so yes, you can be gay in My Time at Sandrock if you want to be.

You do have to stick with binary gender options when creating your character, however. This includes features like facial hair, which are gated to the male body type. Hopefully the next addition to the My Time at game will have more flexibility its gender and body options, but at least you have the ability to be queer in this one.

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